10-Day Instrument Flight Training DA-40 G1000

After a lot of messing around with the local flight schools and independent instructors, I thought that I would never get my instrument rating.  However, I knew that it would make me a safer pilot and also expand my flight envelope.  Finally, after speaking to you and reading the testimonials (specifically Doug White’s), I decided to bite the bullet and take off of my busy work schedule as an Orthopedic Surgeon to get the rating done.  My instructor, Bill, has a wealth of flying experience.  I received his flight experience summary and forwarded it to a friend who is a Southwest Airlines check airman.  He easily approved.  Bill proved to have a wealth of knowledge and I very much enjoyed our meal time conversations on aviation.  I learned many things, not just instrument flying from Bill.  Overall, Bill is a very patient man in contrast to my impatience.  Although we had some weather issues and unexpected mechanical issues with my aircraft that were luckily able to be repaired, we worked through the obstacles and I ultimately passed my instrument check ride.  Now, with my kids’ soccer season coming up, I won’t be grounded by 1500 foot ceilings when going to regional tournaments.  I’m glad I put the time in and got it done.  Although I’m finally an instrument rated pilot, as Bill put it “I have a license to learn.”  

Thanks Bill and Tony.