My 14-Day Private Pilot Training


Great concept. I personally learn better when immersed in the subject. I really enjoyed my time with Andy. I think he’s a great CFI. Whenever I was struggling with something, he’d show me the technique, and that seemed to help a lot. Andy was awesome.We were both flexible with our starting/ending times and I really appreciated that. He answered every single question I had and never indicated that “our time was up”. I can’t say enough good about Andy.

All in all, I had a “Great Experience”. It ended up with me getting my Private Pilot’s License in 14-days, and that was the goal. I’m currently looking at a plane to build some hours in and I look forward to coming back for my IFR once I have some more time in the air.

Thank you both for working with me!


Dustin Mykyte
Houston, Texas