My Training with AFIT was the best dual instruction experience In the five years I’ve been flying. You guys were wonderful, you worked around my schedule and amazingly within just a week or two’s notice had everything taken care of, making getting my instrument rating during spring break a reality. My experiences with Ed was nothing short of awesome. He is a very enjoyable person to work with, and someone which you can really just sit and have a good conversation with. He really likes what he’s doing, and his previous experience as a teacher shines extremely well through his flight instruction. His knowledge and first hand experiences with Icing were extremely helpful, especially when we ran into some icing ourselves during the training. Ed was extremely knowledgeable, and made the training not only a great learning experience, but a fun one as well. While there was alot of information to absorb, alot of breaks enabled me to learn the information and then take some time to absorb what was learned. The days were long usually lasting from 8 to 6, but with the breaks they seemed to go by very fast. Throughout the training we logged quite a bit of time in actual conditions, taking us all the way from San Luis Obispo to the San Francisco Bay Area, and even a trip to Modesto,CA. The Oral Portion of the checkride focused on the basic systems of the Cirrus, placing emphasis on what you would do if you had an electrical failure. The majority of the oral was focused on the planned Cross Country which was from Salinas to Long Beach,CA. Questions were asked regarding the departure, approach, and enroute procedures for the planned flight with taking the weather especially the freezing level into consideration. The Oral also went over lost com procedures in detail and ended with going over various symbols on the Approach Plates and Low Alt. En Route Charts. Most of seemed to be more judgment style questions rather then A and B answer questions, which I felt very prepared for as Ed and I had gone over the weather and scenarios for every flight every morning for the last 10 days, including wondering why a Cessna 172 constantly flew into known icing almost every morning we checked the Pireps. AFIT would be my number one and only recommendation for anyone wanting to earn an instrument rating. I’m confident that when my Father takes his instrument training this summer that it will be with AFIT, and I’m positive that he’ll enjoy the training with AFIT just as I did.