I would like to thank you for this great experience.

Being a very low time private pilot the instrument rating seemed to be very far away for me but your fast, intense and “real life” method was the perfect choice as my business and family keep me very busy. You don’t have the time to forget what you just learned the previous day, you just keep improving it.
Please say a very special thank you to John for me: despite having to deal with a very strong French accent and do many cross country trips in order for me to meet the requirements he has always been very patient and professional. He really took the time to explain the concepts and to improve my skills while both in the air and during ground school. But before all, I believe that what really puts him on top is his ability to always find the right words to preserve the balance between confidence and humility.

I now feel much more competent and safer and I will not hesitate to recommend your program to any pilot.