I just wanted to say thanks to you and your excellent staff at AFIT. First off, on initial contact you explained everything that AFIT could and more importantly would do for me. I already had my private pilot license and instrument rating and was looking to obtain both the Commercial SE and the Commercial ME with Instrument privileges. Prior to contacting AFIT, I was slowly crawling along facing all the hassles associated with a traditional flight-training program.

All that changed when I contacted AFIT. Believe me when I say no false promises were made. You laid it all on the line and covered everything in detail. When you indicated that I could get it all done in eight days, I have to admit I was very skeptical and doubted you and the instructor about getting this done within that established time frame. You indicated it would not be easy and that it would require a very serious commitment. I like a challenge, so I took you up on it.

As you know, I managed to successfully pass four ratings in eight days. I now hold a Commercial Multiengine with Instrument and a Commercial Single Engine with Instrument. Add to that, the fact of having a truly enjoyable experience while getting it all accomplished. I highly recommend your services. Thanks again for everything.