10-Day Instrument Training in my C182T G-1000


I enjoyed the AFIT course and working with Mike.  He is as solid as they come. 

The AFIT program is definitely the way to go.  My private license took forever because of work, work travel, weather, and all the rest.  I was constantly relearning from previous lessons and progress was slow.  

With AFIT, I worked with Mike out of Lincoln, CA and enjoyed every minute of it.  Mike is a pro – at flying, instructing, and relating to stressed out and tired students who aren’t yet used to being under the hood. The AFIT model, with Mike’s instruction, kept the training tight and reinforced each day.

I was exhausted at night after flying with Mike, but woke up each morning after dreaming of the IFR lessons Mike drilled into me.  I will fly better and more safely the rest of my life hearing Mike’s voice in my head: “turn, time, twist,” “let’s run a WIRE check,” “where are we going, at what altitude, how will we know when we get there,” “2,500 feet, not 2,600 feet,” and my favorite . . .  “intercept and track – none of what we are doing matters if we are not tracking.” 

Thank you, Mike and thank you AFIT.  I’m a much better pilot because of your training.

Eric Mueller

Incline Village, Nevada