Instrument Finish-Up and 6-Day Commercial Course / KLHM

I would just like to say a few words about my experience with AFIT. First and foremost, the program itself is top-notch and provides such a valuable service that may not be found anywhere else. From the first inquiry, to signing up for the courses, to arriving in Lincoln, the communication was great and everything was laid out in a very well structured plan that made it easy to understand what would be taking place.

As for my instructor, Paul, I can’t express how great of an instructor he is and how his knowledge truly helped me understand the concepts and grasp an understanding of what I needed to know in order to be successful with my check rides. He took the time to go through all the details, and made sure every topic was covered, that way I had a good knowledge of the topics I was studying. Again, Paul was an amazing instructor and a huge factor in my success.

Overall, my experience with AFIT was one that will be memorable and led me to gaining a better knowledge that will help make me a better pilot. The instructors are dedicated to their students and want them to succeed, which makes the stressful process turn into one that is fun and enjoyable. I would 100% recommend AFIT to anyone who is looking for training, and I hope to work with these fine people again sometime in the future.

Thank you,

Eric Williams

Henderson, Nevada