I just wanted to write and express what a tremendous experience my accelerated instrument training has been with AFIT. Ralph was one of the best flight instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His extensive, real world, knowledge, and his ability to breakdown concepts has taught me far more than just what was required for my instrument checkride. Being a fairly new pilot, I was a bit hesitant in doing the instrument training in the accelerated format, however I am extremely happy that I went through with it. The program’s structure and focus, combined with quality/professional instruction from a dedicated CFII like Ralph was just what I needed to get my instrument rating and obtain a wealth of knowledge beyond just the requirements of the PTS. I would highly recommend this training to anyone seeking their instrument rating. I truly feel confident departing into IMC conditions due to the training I received.

Please feel free to have any potential students contact me if they would like to discuss my experiences with AFIT.

Thank you once again and please pass on my gratitude to Ralph.