Bill E. was very flexible with his time, and allowed me to devote most of my training in the air since I felt the knowledge portion I had well covered prior to his arrival. Despite us scheduling 9 days, Bill leveraged off my prior experience and mainly focused on the areas I needed improvement on. Because of that, we were able to finish earlier than expected. In fact we built up all the instrument time I needed in the first 5 days. By the 6th day, we had done approaches in well over 20 airports in Florida and we were both feeling very comfortable I would pass my practical, so we took the 7th day off to visit Sun-and-Fun. I took my check-ride on the 8th day and passed despite having conditions the examiner said he would normally not go up in [eg 30 knot crosswind for the practice ILS, and a lot of turbulence for doing the maneuvers]. The examiner even called me up later that evening and told me how impressed he was that I was able to do those approaches given the conditions.

Anyway, that left me completely free on the 9th day, which I spent with my family and relaxed before having to go back to work. I don’t think it would have been possible to complete my training this quickly if it wasn’t for the patience and experience that Bill possessed. He was willing to fly with me for over 6 hours some days and his gentle, upbeat tone kept me learning that whole time.

I had two other instrument instructors before Bill, but I knew it would take a long time to finish my instruction with them. I learned you are much better off with an instructor who has the experience of training hundreds of instrument pilots rather than trying to become the 3rd or 4th student of a younger instructor.

I recommend AFIT without reservations.