Standing here, staring at the temporary airman’s certificate that tells me I passed my Instrument Rating check ride, it’s hard to believe that 10 days ago I was a pure stick-and-rudder pilot with very little IFR knowledge. The AFIT training program was intense, but rewarding beyond measure.

The complexities of IFR flying that seemed daunting on day 1 became clearer and easier to fly as the days went on, and the whole process made more sense each day. Spending all my training hours in the actual airplane instead of some simulator/airplane mix was unbeatable.

To me, the key to AFIT’s program is the individual instructor. Mine was John T. and I can’t envision a more ideal match. Clearly, he has a love for aviation and for teaching, as well as a deep reservoir of experience to draw from. He tuned in on how to teach ME, and it’s only because of John’s passion and experience that I learned as quickly as I did.

Thank you John, and kudos to AFIT’s accelerated program for transforming me into a safer, more precise, instrument-rated pilot.

Marc C. Lee
Contributing Editor, Plane & Pilot Magazine
Werner Publishing Corp | Los Angeles, CA 90025