I’m back in Venezuela, and I just want to thank you and John for all your attention and help provided to me during those days of hard intensive training. I had the opportunity to fly in a complete new enviroment, in a place that I`ve never visited before (Colorado). During those days I visited more than 7 different airports, even different states. John is a really good instructor with knowledge in every single area of the aviation world, from gliders to Boeing 777`s, from the Surface as a certified mechanic to as high as taking samples of air at 26.000 ft for government institutions.

I’m really thankful for all the knowledge that I acquired and for your services and excellent attention everyday, and of course with AFIT to be there 24/7 and answer my emails in SECONDS! With any doubt I will come back for my instruments training soon. 101% recommended for everyone, even International students like me.

If you ever need help or have any spanish speaking student who want references of the school or specifically with John, you can give them my email and with pleasure I`ll share my experience.

Again, thank you very much.