14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

WOW, what an amazing two weeks of flying and training I had with My instructor Paul. He was an amazing instructor and very patient with the things I had to work on. I was able to complete my check ride and look forward to continue flying. I found the course to be intense and challenging, however I enjoyed this as flying was my life for two weeks. We were able to train in all sorts of environments out of Lincoln California, from the Bay Area, to the mountains, to Nevada. I was able to get a nice variety of terrain and fly into several airports as well which was helpful for my training. I feel well prepared and exited to continue flying and appreciated the opportunity to train with AFIT and Paul. Tony was also very helpful with setting everything up and making sure I was prepared for the course.

Once again I would extend my recommendation of AFIT to anyone interested in an intense and rewarding flight training program.

Thank you,
George Kwiecinski

New York, New York