I just wanted to give you some feedback from my experience with John in Colorado last month. I wanted to thank you for a great instructor. He was a very knowledgeable and helpful instructor that made the whole process very easy on my part. Our flights together were enjoyable and he managed to combine the necessary elements to get me check ride ready with my needs for cross country hours very well. The aircraft rental he arranged in Erie was top notch. The plane was virtually brand new and their line staff and management couldn’t have been nicer in meeting my needs during the rental. I especially appreciated the reimbursement for lower fuel costs elsewhere from the daily wet rental rate. Although I’ve heard the 10 day programs can be very difficult in terms of the volume of information and doubts about completion, I found just the opposite to be true with my experience with AFIT and John. He was able to incorporate all the needed aspects into fun, daily flying time that accomplished all the goals I had set out for the week.

Again, Thank you for all your help setting up my program. I wish you the best with continued business. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with John and value the experience. As he may have related,
I passed my check ride on the first time with no major concerns and look forward to future development of my IFR skills. Thank you again,