9 Day PPL Finish-Up Course in C172 with G1000 

I could not be more pleased with the team at AFIT, especially Tony and Gil and their dedication to helping me finish my private pilot training.  I had contacted Tony a year prior but due to schedules decided to start training at my home airport in Denver.  I made good progress but was unable to finish so I reached out again and asked Tony if AFIT would help me complete my training.  I met Gil in Van Nuys and dove straight into review and training completion and was finished in 9 days.  The instruction, encouragement and environment were all stellar and now I’m a proud holder of a private pilot certificate.

Training in Southern California had added benefits as well.  The complicated airspace and literally dozens of airports allowed me to work on my ATC communications skills and overall situational awareness along with the fundamental skills needed to complete my training.  I feel like those 9 days not only helped me achieve my PPL goal but they truly made me a much better and more aware pilot.  Gil’s knowledge of the area, his tips and tricks and overall friendly demeanor made the training truly enjoyable.  He and I really enjoyed our time together and I’m very glad I found the AFIT team.

All the best