Just wanted to follow up on my experience with Ed and my IFR training with AFIT.

I tried the local FBO approach for a few months and was getting nowhere. I decided to go with AFIT and your senior instructor, Ed. When Ed arrived in Oregon he immediately started with the fundamentals of setting up the airplane for various approach speeds and power settings…..very important! We covered every aspect of IFR training during the 10 days Ed was here. He was tireless and worked long hours each day getting the flying and ground school work done. Every off moment when not flying or doing specific ground school work, he tested me on the “Red Book”. He completely understood the G1000 in my Diamond which made the training much more effective. I was able to pass my IFR oral and practical test the first time because of Ed’s great training.

Ed was patient, consistent and a “great educator…not just an instructor.”

I would recommend Ed and AFIT to anyone wanting to obtain their IFR rating and really learn what’s needed to pass the FAA oral and practical test and be a prepared IFR pilot. Thanks.