14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

Hi Tony,

I wanted to thank you for everything you and your team have done to help me find my path in Aviation.

I was nervous to start this journey with AFIT because I knew it was going to be demanding and test me in ways I’ve never experienced and I knew I had to be fully committed to the process in order to become successful. I finished my 40 hours and met all of my requirements in 10 days. I was able to work with Tyler who made me feel at ease and helped prepare me for my check ride. I couldn’t have done it without him. This was by far the hardest yet rewarding journey I’ve ever been on. There were multiple times I doubted myself and questioned my decision because it was so challenging. But I am so thankful I stuck with it and put in the hard work to make my dreams realty.

I’ll see you guys for my Instrument Rating!

Thanks for everything.


Hannah Walcott

Law Enforcement

Cameron Park, California