As you know, I flew my private-pilot training with Lou and I can definitely say that he is a great instructor and really gets involved in every aspect of training, from theory and exam preparation to practical tips and tricks to make the flying experience both more enjoyable and more useful for the student. I also want to stress one thing – he ALWAYS goes the extra mile and takes the next step, even in things not directly involved with the airplane or the training. Training with Lou gave me what I needed not only to pass the tests but to be a good pilot, with the assurance that he was always by my side to help me achieve my dream safely and with excellence.

I recommend Lou as an instructor for anyone who wants to really have a thorough preparation for the next step in flying, whether initial private, as was my case, or advanced training. His encyclopedic knowledge of aviation and his easy manner of teaching make flying with him an experience to be enjoyed while it lasts and missed when it finishes.