10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

Hey Tony,

Before coming to AFIT, I was frustrated about the hands I was dealt with my previous flight training experience, I came in with 50 hours flown before covid. And I knew I had to kick myself to start and FINISH my private pillow license to start on achieving my dream to fly for the big boys one day.

I found AFIT and after speaking to Tony I had scheduled my start date within 1 hour! My instructor Jacob really got me to get rid of my nerves and taught me fly more confidently! He got me ready for my checkride within 10 days of starting!!

On checkride day, it was way windier than I’d have liked but I could just hear Jacob voice in my head telling me to just let the plane do it’s thing and then I calmed down and did great! Now I did have a few things I missed on the checkride due to inexperience dealing with such heavy winds but Tony, Jacob, and Rueben were able to get me scheduled for a quick flight lesson and another checkride! Rueben (my other instructor) helped me iron out the wrinkles on the manuvers I missed and even taught me a few tricks that helped me PASS THE CHECKRIDE!!

My family and I were very excited for my new private pilot’s license! I’m so glad I came to find AFIT because it FINALLY allowed me to get a start on my dream of being an airline pilot! Thank you AFIT

Hard Sabhaya

Sidney, Nebraska