I am very pleased to celebrate this major milestone with you, under the precise coaching of champion Cholena! “She is an excellent instructor”, delivering just the right pace and intensity of theory and practical concepts daily (with homework), right up to minutes prior to my first solo flight !

I cleared all the tests to received my PPL, after intense teaching and corrections from Cholena. For me, this will be the start of continuous learning and skills improvement for private piloting.

You have an excellent and concise 14-day PPL training package, which I was somewhat skeptical initially, but I am now living proof of your success formula with my own PPL ! In addition, the excellent weather in California and availability of multiple airport types within a short range, is great for intensive dual and solo training.

It’s my honor to have trained with AFIT and Cholena, both with sincerity and aligned interest, working towards my successful PPL within 14 training days.

With first-hand experience, I will recommend prospective PPL students to you anytime. I am pleased to share my experience and feedback on this course.

Thank you once again !