! wanted to personally thank you and your team at AFIT on a job well done! I finally received my Instrument Rating and couldn’t be happier with the professionalism Ron demonstrated as my flight instructor. We had a great relationship as instructor and student and Ron covered all of the material I was to be tested on to my comfort level, so that when I took the test, I felt absolutely sure that I would pass, and I did! Ron was a pleasure to work with and I hope to maintain my relationship with him in the future.

My company, Cooper-Atlanta Transportation Services (CATS), is a luxury limousine service headquartered in the Atlanta area and we service our customers on a global basis. I noticed many similarities in the professionalism and customer service that AFIT and CATS’ provide to their customers; therefore, it makes me feel even more secure to know I have been trained by what I believe to be the best in the Aviation industry.

On another note, I have been looking at the Pilatus PC-12 as my next possible aircraft and may need some training to familiarize myself with its avionics and flying ability. I was reading on your website that you now have a Pilatus Training Course. That’s great and when I do find my Pilatus, I will again be calling you and your team of professionals!

Again, thanks to Ron and to you at AFIT for providing a great training program and helping me conquer another goal in my flying journey! Safe skies,