IFR Finish-Up Course / Columbia 400 with Avidyne Entegra, Garmin 750/650  / KLHM


I once again want to thank you and Mike for the time spent to prepare me for my check ride. Your method of instruction and your depth of core knowledge as well as your aviation trivia all worked to make the course extremely helpful and enjoyable. I feel that I am a far better actual pilot now, having resorted to hand flying virtually everything during the training in spite of an available autopilot. I cannot express enough how far that alone went in my aviation progress.  Mike saw things through to the very end, and having him around for the check ride helped with the nerves, just knowing I had support nearby.

I appreciated Mike’s care and concern for my plane, and his willingness to humor my somewhat obsessive habits in the way I delicately treat my plane was not overlooked in my options of the course. It speaks volumes to your level of respect for students.

Overall, I feel that both you and the AFIT course deserve an A+ rating and I would recommend you guys anytime! 

Thanks again for everything!

Jackie E. Smith

Irvine, California