Private Pilot Add-On Training Course

“My situation was a little different from a typical fixed-wing pilot. I’m a 2,000+ hour rotary military pilot and I already have my FAA commercial/instrument helicopter. I was looking to get my fixed-wing PPL add-on. During my search for the right accelerated school, I contacted dozens of schools throughout the U.S. (including AFIT). The typical response I received was a boilerplate/form letter, stating it’ll take 14 to 60 days to complete the training. This was not what aligned with my experience and required training, in my opinion. The response I received from AFIT is what set them apart. Tony took the time to look at the requirements and my experience before formulating his response.

Tony provided a streamlined syllabus of nine training days and available dates. I reviewed the information and made the decision to go with Andy in Lincoln, California. Upon arrival in Lincoln, the experience was exactly what was needed. The first day Andy and I hit the ground running with some ground school before flight instruction. With a dedicated CFI, my time was used efficiently and effectively to make the transition from helicopters to airplanes. Andy is patient, knowledgeable and allowed me to figure things out without being unsafe. I was pushed each day to grow and develop my skillset. Andy was vital in my successful pursuit of my private pilot license. Thanks, Andy!!!

Without a doubt, choosing AFIT and Andy was the right choice for my training! I’ll be looking to them again in the future!


Jake Ingebritson

Sandy, Utah