My 13 Day Private Pilot Training  (One full day ahead of schedule)

AFIT’s program was the only way that I could schedule the time to earn my certificate. I followed Tony’s instructions to the letter, carefully preparing for the written exam and getting my pre-flight schooling completed. I’m glad I did because at the last moment I decided to earn my certificate in a complex, high-performance 7-seat turbo aircraft that I purchased. Every flight instructor I spoke to thought I was nuts; but when Gil arrived we went straight to work. Gil has the unique ability to read his students and understand when they need encouragement, empathy or a good old-fashioned kick in the rear. He never complained even though it took me over 150 landings to ease us onto the runway. He is a kind person and a fantastic instructor, helping me ace my verbal test and check ride with just 11 days in the air. I now fly cross-country 6-10 hours a week and feel completely confident.  

I would recommend the AFIT program to anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves.”

Warm Regards,

James K.
Reno, Nevada