My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

First and foremost Greg is an excellent instructor and a great guy. He is easy to get along with and his relaxed demeanor pays dividends when trying to learn in what can be a stressful undertaking at times. Greg is knowledgeable and his years of experience as an aviator shines through his teaching in the plane, the ground school, and everything in between! The AFIT accelerated program is an adventure in it’s self. Every day it’s a new undertaking with new destinations and new things to learn. The course is a challenge and a big undertaking, but having Greg by my side for 2 weeks I was able to learn a tremendous amount about aviating, navigating, and communicating and my confidence grew and grew as the time flew by. In 2 weeks’ time not only did I have an adventure of a lifetime which culminated with getting my pilot’s license, but I also made a good friend!

Thanks Greg, cheers!

Your student. Your friend,

James Lufker

Huntington, New York