My 14-Day Private Pilot Training

“Congratulations, you passed.” Those magical 3 words from the DPE were certainly made possible by my fantabulous instructor- mentor-friend, John and of course the training program by AFIT.

From the very first day that I enquired about the program, Tony had been nothing but responsive and helpful with all the administrative “hassles” for a foreign student like me. All the applications and bookings were done seamlessly with his guidance and the best thing from him was pairing me up with John.

John made learning to fly a pleasure. Kid you not, learning to fly from scratch was definitely stressful, but John was there with me, and for me every step of the way. His encouragement and eye for detail pushed me through all the way, especially when the going got tough. I am so blessed for his guidance, patience and most importantly friendship. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through if not for him.

Thank you once again John and Tony for making this possible!

Best Regards,
Jamie Mendelson