10-Day IFR Training in my Cessna 182P

I am an instrument rated pilot!!  I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Ruben and the AFIT team for working with me to achieve this milestone in my aviation career.  It was truly a team effort.  I admit I was more than a little hesitant to place my trust in a program and in people I had never met before my first day of training.  All my apprehensions were quickly put to rest upon meeting my instructor, Ruben.  I arrived at KLHM on Friday before my training was set to begin on Monday morning.  I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to be late or ill-prepared for anything.  I texted Ruben and asked if we might be able to meet quickly to get acquainted before Monday morning.  He promptly texted me back and told me he was at the airport and would happily meet me.  Little did I know I would have homework over the weekend!  Upon meeting Ruben in the AFIT classroom it was clear this was the type of training I was looking for.  We exchanged greetings and got right to work.  Ruben was personable, professional and it was immediately clear to me he was just as committed to my success as I was.  I applaud Tony’s ability to match his clients with the correct instructor.  I finished speaking with Ruben and went to my hotel and hit the books and began preparing for my first IFR flight lesson.

Monday morning didn’t go as I had envisioned it, but hey that’s aviation, you must be expecting and prepared for things not to go as planned.  I had a little issue with my plane to start the day.  Not to fear though, Ruben and the guys at Lincoln Skyways to the rescue.  Before I could find someone, who could look at my plane on short notice, Ruben was already over in the hanger at Lincoln Skyways.  Bryan, Kacey, Travis and Ken made sure I wasn’t grounded for long.  The staff at Lincoln Skyways quickly fit me into their busy schedule, resolved the issued and I was in the air before lunch!  Ken also arranged for Dana at the avionics shop to repair a faulty turn coordinator for me.  The people at KLHM were instrumental in providing me with the necessary support to get my IFR ticket!

In the air Ruben was quiet and didn’t say much at first.  It felt familiar, this was like a check ride.  Later in the training Ruben would explain it was all part of the process.  He wanted to see what type of pilot I was and what weaknesses he would bring up to standard over the next several days. 

The following 10 days were filled with new and challenging tasks as Ruben patiently encouraged me to grow as a pilot.  We flew approach after approach until I became comfortable and confident.  The nights were filled with studying for the oral portion of the check ride and preparing for the following days’ flights.  Whenever I had a question Ruben was only a phone call or text away.  During the entirety of my training Ruben was invaluable.  His ability to explain concepts in a variety of different ways helped me grasp unfamiliar information without delay.  Ruben is a wonderful instructor, and I can’t recommend him enough.  Going into check ride day I was confident and prepared.

When I received my IFR ticket it was hard to know who was more excited, Ruben or me.  He is the type of instructor you want in your corner.  Ruben was always there to work just as hard, if not harder, to see me achieve my aviation goals. 

I recommend AFIT as a training resource without hesitation.  If you are looking for a total emersion, eat sleep drink flight training experience AFIT is without a doubt the program for you.  Rest assured the AFIT team will work just as hard as you do to make your aviation vision a reality.

Jason Kobaly

CHP Law Enforcement Officer

Joshua Tree, California