14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I can’t begin to express how grateful that I was paired up with my instructor Paul. A very experienced pilot, and a very patient instructor. I have flown with 3 CFI’s including Paul and the thing I was most impressed by Paul is that he allows you to learn to fly and allows you to have full controls. I have flow elsewhere where the CFI took the controls often. In my experience, you just don’t learn as much. 

Paul has several thousand flight hours and that’s something that also gave me peace of mind. He constantly is teaching and giving advice and you can truly tell he loves what he does…. Something you won’t get with all CFI’s. 

If you get the privilege to fly with Paul, you will be in excellent hands. I felt secure and confident to fly in literally only 5 days! Crazy right?? Not only will he teach you but he will instill “right rutter” into your brain forever. :) I am hiring AFIT and  Paul again in a few months to get my IFR and Multi Engine Ratings.. That’s how impressed I was by him.  AFIT what a great program you have created. Tony, the owner, was super helpful and got me in quickly. 

I would recommend the AFIT team and Paul to anyone I know. This Tennessee boy learned a lot in our short 14 days and am officially a Private Pilot. 

Also quick note, you will spend $20,000+ at any “standard” training school due to how long it will take you and the learning curve of waiting a week or several days in-between your training. If you’re reading this, bite the bullet and sign up! You wont regret it, I sure don’t! 

Jay Combes

Knoxville, Tennessee