14-Day Private Pilot Training Course


I am so grateful I found AFIT. Ben was an awesome instructor. It was very difficult for me to learn the traditional way by flying once or twice a week. The fact that it was a two week, all inclusive environment made it so much easier to learn. Ben was patient, extremely professional and invested in my success. He was always positive; knew when to push me but also knew when to back off a little. Training at times was intense but for me, it produced muscle memory that I did not get by flying a few times a month. My confidence grew day after day. I connected with Ben the very first day and knew I had found an excellent pilot to learn from.

I had already been flying with my son, who got his PPL last year, many times which is what drew me in to learning myself. Trying to balance a career and learning to fly once or twice a week was not working. I knew I had to fully immerse myself, it was the only way I could accomplish getting my PPL. I studied diligently for the written exam before going out to CA for my training. I was able to complete my training in 14 days and pass my check ride. None of this would have been possible if I didn’t do this program or for Ben.

Based in Lincoln, CA, Ben was a joy to work with. His knowledge was extraordinary but what really impressed me was his desire for me to succeed. He was fully invested in my training and in the end that’s what put me over the top. I cannot express enough my gratitude for Ben or AFIT. It’s an experience that I will carry for a lifetime.

Jeff Botwinick

Syracuse, NY