10-day IFR Training C182 with GTN 650

Hi Tony,

I trained with Mike for single-engine IFR.  Not only was he an excellent instructor and aviation mentor to me, but he was a wonderful human being, as well. Mike was a calming presence, understanding, helpful, and flexible .He had a great sense of humor throughout, was observant about my strengths and weaknesses as a pilot, candid but gentle about what I needed to work on.  He made sure I would pass my check ride, but more importantly, truly cared about making me a safe and wise pilot in single-pilot IFR, with room to keep growing and learning for years to come.  I felt like he was always there for me.

To Mike, thank you again for the care and attention you showed me during my time training with you — I really don’t know how to thank you enough.

Jeff Chern