My 14 Day Private Plot Training 

Hi Tony,

As you know, In December of 2015 I worked with John at KVNY on my Private Pilot certificate.  John was a great instructor, he was very focused and made sure that I would be a safe pilot anytime I was acting as PIC and not just for the check ride.  Despite dealing with weather John was able to figure out how to make sure that I got all of the training I needed to qualify to take the practical test on time.  John is full of  knowledge and was very eager to pass it on to his students.  The entire experience was great, I learned so much and had a great time.  To top it off a week after I passed my check ride I was getting checked  out at my local flying club to fly their airplanes, after landing the instructor said that he was very pleased with the flight and that I must have had a great instructorť because I really knew my stuff.   That one comment is very telling of how good of an instructor John is.

Thanks for everything.

Jeff Coghlin
Keene, California