14-Day Private Pilot Training Course


It’s hard to believe that we crammed 14 days of flight training into 11 days due to bad weather. The AFIT program was intense, but really prepared me for my PPL check ride. Coming into the program with barely any actual flying experience, I can’t say enough about how fast you can learn when you’re flying every day for hours. They really cram in the real world flying experience you need in addition to all the specific skills you need to demonstrate for your check ride. I don’t know that I would have been as prepared with a traditional flight training a couple hours a week.

My instructor, Adriel, was great. He did everything he could to make me a better pilot and to ensure I have the knowledge and proper skills to be a safe pilot. His demeanor, attitude and knowledge are the perfect fit for an accelerated program.

A big thanks to AFIT from a pilot who walked away with their Private Pilot’s Certificate in hand.

Jeff Foydl

Chicago, Illinois