I researched many options before deciding to work with AFIT. I needed a program that was both fast and would make me a confident IFR pilot. I did not want to work with the traditional method of flying a hour or two a couple times a week. I already had my instrument ticket but have not utilized it for 12 years. After just 11 hours flight training I feel that my skills are better now than when I took my check ride some 15 years ago. Cholena is a true professional Instrument Flight Instructor. You can tell she eats, sleeps, and dreams of IFR flying. During our training we flew many days in serious IFR conditions. I felt at ease from the start with Cholena in the plane. She explained every detail in easy to understand terms and offered several acronyms and tricks to remember complex skills. I can not say enough about her professionalism and dedication to her job.

Great job Cholena!