Yesterday I passed my instrument rating checkride. Wow! You cannot imagine the thrill of that. However, the reason I write is to let you know how much I owe AFIT, you, and my instructor Ed for the rating. Ed entered my training after I struggled along for 18 months trying to learn instrument flying elsewhere. I struggled with whether or not accelerated was for me, could I do it, was it a good training method, etc. After reading about AFIT in Piper Flyer I took the plunge. As you know, my wife Brenda is currently finishing up her training for the instrument rating with Ed.

Accelerated was perfect for us – efficient, confidence building, and ramped up learning with no loss of knowledge along the way. With patience and eloquence, Ed pointed out numerous areas of things we needed to work on and improve techniques. Within the first day we were seeing dramatic improvement in our approach performance and radio work with ATC. I couldn’t be more positive about the AFIT accelerated approach or give anything less than an “excellent” rating to Ed our instructor. And, we did all the training and checkride in our PA32-260 Cherokee Six. Most schools want to train in their planes. We wanted to train in the plane we are going to fly.

Is AFIT expensive? NO! If I would have done this right away I would have been further ahead and would have saved all the time and money wasted on less than effective weekly lessons. Hence, that total cost of training is at most the same and highly probable less with AFIT because less overall hours of instruction and airplane costs are consumed.

Thanks again for helping achieve this important goal. My advice for anyone wanting an instrument rating – CALL AFIT.