Starting on Sunday morning with a full tank of fuel and a few hours of instrument training we began. I believed the approaches I had already flown had me ready and this was just a polish the rough edges. I quickly saw I had a lot to learn. A couple of days later I had quite frankly given up. Now a word about my instructor. Ralph did not give up. In fact, in my darkest hour he said “I have not given up on you”. He gave me a confidence and a determination to do what needed to be done. His patient counsel and clear instruction coupled with his knowledge of the airplane made it possible. Ralph would break it up with a story or an actual newspaper article about his flying career. Soon I was ready to do it again. On the fourth day I shot all the approaches perfectly and he said your ready. We set up the check ride for Thursday and I passed. It was tough but the sense of accomplishment was incredible. Ralph was always there and met me after the ride. I cant thank him enough in helping me achieve a goal I have had since childhood. Ralph, Thanks again.