My Commercial and CFI Training

I trained for my commercial and CFI with AFIT. Many thanks to Mike for his patience and guidance throughout the training. He was able to assess my requirements and point out my strengths and weakness. Initially, I felt there was too much material to cover within a short period of time however mike was able to prepare me well for the check-ride. He leaves no stone unturned and is very thorough. Mike is also sensitive to student needs. If you are feeling fatigued or jet-lagged he will choose another topic. 

When you travel all the way across the Pacific, you have a very tight time frame and budget to achieve your objectives. AFIT understands the pressure that overseas pilots face and they do their very best to relieve their burden. Making sure the planes are in good condition and scheduling the date with DPE

I look forward to doing my CFII with AFIT and Mike.

Thanks for everything, see you again soon.

Jezreel Mok