Just a quick note to say thanks to you and Bill for your amazing help in making it possible for me to get my IFR rating! Your total customer focus and flexibility to accommodate my need to fly back to Europe in the middle of training was the only way this was possible. Bill’s deep experience, patience and consistently positive and constructive attitude were EXACTLY what I needed. If I had only known about AFIT before I wasted 3 weeks and thousands of dollars on a “regular” IFR program!

An Amazing difference in approach between an experienced career instructor and the 23 year old “time builder” instructors with fewer hours than me. Bill is a great guy. This is a much better way to learn than traditional flight school!

It will drastically change the quality of the next 6-12 months for me to have my IFR ticket and finally be able to fly my plane in the crummy Switzerland Fall and Winter weather!

Great job and thanks again!

See you when its time for my commercial rating!