IFR Finish-Up Course


Thank you so much for your fast response to my need for accelerated training! Being self employed with a family, I set the time apart to focus on instrument training and was attempting to knock it out in a short period. I started training January 15 and a month now down the road it was already taking way longer than expected. I could not find instructors with a schedule or the desire to spend the time with me that i needed. I started calling random flight schools and instructors all up and down California in an attempt to find someone, and I was recommended by a fella in Visalia CA that flying with AFIT was the best decision he had ever made. Not even an hour later, you set me up with Michael. He has been the most professional, serious, energetic,concerned instructor Ive ever had. He has the ability to teach information specifically tailored to my flying level skill and knowledge as if he has flown with me for years. In three long days, I have never learned so much and felt like it has built me up as a pilot rather than show me how little I know. I would say most instructors I have flown with end up teaching less and pulling you back.

This has been the best use of my money towards flight training, and I wish I had found AFIT earlier on, I would have actually saved more money in the long run!
Thank you Tony!