I just wanted to take a quick moment of your time to thank you for the excellent PPL experience you made possible for me. In looking for an accelerated course for my PPL, I searched the Internet fairly extensively looking for the “right fit” for me personally and geographically. Being from the east coast, I was at first mainly focused on courses offered near to this side of the country. I noticed that your company offered accelerated PPL in a wide variety of locales. I inquired with you about your availability nearby and explained to you my goals relative to my PPL. You took that information and explained to me, in a way I understood, that you knew the perfect instructor for me. You then scheduled me with Cholena near Sacramento, CA. While that was further than I originally anticipated travelling for my PPL, after my conversations and emails with you, I trusted you knew exactly what I was looking for and with whom I should learn. You could not possibly have been more correct!

Cholena is not only an advanced instructor, she is an advanced person. More than merely learning everything I needed to know to pass my written, oral and practical check ride within 14 days from Cholena, I also learned a lot about myself through her excellent manner and insightful comments about my tendencies as a pilot and how to use them to my advantage. Cholena is clearly someone who would excel at absolutely anything she ever decided to do. You are extremely fortunate to have her as an instructor at A.F.I.T.! Anything she ever taught, I would sign up to learn. To that end, you will be hearing from me very soon to continue my training with Cholena to achieve my instrument rating, and then after that my commercial rating. Your tireless help explaining A.F.I.T. to me coupled with Cholena’s mastery of the subject and masterful instruction gently ushered me to a place of great confidence as I start this road as a newly certificated private pilot!

Thank you!! And THANK YOU, CHOLENA!!! I will be speaking with you both very soon!