It seems like only a couple weeks ago that I was referred to you by my friend, Dr. Ruffin Benton, in Brevard, NC. As he explained to me, your company would come to me to get my instrument rating completed. I was excited when I reviewed your website and sent you a message on Sunday night, and then received a response within 15 min!

The next day we had our first call together and you made the entire process seem almost too easy. Since I had not completed my written test, you put me in touch with King Schools and a very helpful person that sent me the King School’s Instrument Rating Knowledge Test Course immediately. I studied the King program exactly as recommended, took the three practice test and was ready to take the written. Day three of our 10 day training program, we flew to a test site and I passed the written test! What a relief.

Just as your web site promised, in just 10 days of training I had my Instrument Certificate! Reflecting back on the 10 days, your selected instructor and I worked night and day. We completed 33 hours of ground training, 32 hours of flight training of which 3.4 was night, 5.0 actual IMC, 22 simulated (under the hood), 13 cross country, and 50 full approaches.

In addition to all of this training, your instructor had to teach me how to use my Garmin 650 GTN, along with three Advanced Flight Systems glass panels. Since my plane is a high performance Vans RV-10 with a I-540, 260 HP, I needed much time learning and holding the correct settings, speed, mixture and prop controls. Your instructor had his hands full and even took the time to make me several check list that I could follow.

I can’t thank you enough Tony for your attention to detail, follow through, and having advanced senior instructors that will teach in a high performance plane in IMC conditions. Since last week, I have already filed and completed three IFR flights for business and have saved over 10 hours in travel time. This will be the best investment that I have made. Thanks again Tony.