I had a great time working with Ron. I wouldn’t have wanted to do my training with anyone else. He is very knowledgeable and 100% safety oriented which is very important to me. We did many things that other instructor’s wouldn’t have ventured on, such as complicated approaches etc., which I think is great because that puts me ahead. I feel very confident in myself to fly IFR, and I most certainly attribute that to my training. I have already filed 2 flights and was in IMC both times. I feel like I also acquired a friend that I can stay in touch with and contact if I ever have a question which is also a plus. I am very pleased with AFIT and my training with Ron, he is very flexible and very polite and explains things very well. I thank you for your services and I will be in touch with you in the future.

Feel free to use me as a reference at any time. Thanks again.