I wanted to thank you for sending John down to the islands. We flew the Diamond DA-40 with the G1000 all over the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. As a busy professional, I was not as prepared for John’s arrival as I had planned to be. He was able to give me the framework to build my knowledge base to be successful. I felt comfortable learning from John due to his mild manner way of teaching. John was extremely knowledgeable about general aviation, Diamond aircraft, and the Garmin G1000. I am a much better pilot after the ten day course, not only because of the instrument instruction I obtained but also because John helped me polish my basic fundamental skills as well. During the training process, I would listen to what he said and would absorb about 10% of the information. Over the following days, I would revisit our conversations and I realized that every word was invaluable.

I appreciated the fact that John was patient and would tell me the information a couple of times so it would stick. He was always available for questions and was exceptional at following-up to make sure all bases were covered. I not only had the opportunity to train with an expert aviation instructor but I have also gained a friend and mentor to call with questions that may surface throughout my flying career. John relayed many stories that would drive home different safety aspects of flying and why caution and a conservative attitude will increase my life span. His words will still linger long after he has departed, “there are many old pilots and many bold pilots, but there are very few old, bold pilots.” Since most of our flying is over open water, I believe these are words to live by.

After all was said and done, I was expecting to pay much more for the training I received. I feel I got a bargain. I recommend the A.F.I.T. program without reservation. Please feel free to have potential clients contact me to discuss the A.F.I.T. instrument training program as well the exceptional instruction provided by John my Senior Flight Instructor.

Thanks for everything, keep in touch, and most of all safe flying.