I just wanted to get back to you and thank you for a wonderful instrument training session I had with John and to provide you with this recommendation.

As you may recall, I have a Bonanza A36TC and wanted to do an accelerated Instrument Rating in a complex, retractable gear aircraft so that the time would count toward getting insurance coverage on the Bonanza. Due to John’s impressive piloting history, we ended up with John listed on my insurance and an OK to do dual training in the A36TC. Doing your IR in a fast turbo Bonanza is not the easiest way to get an IR. But, if you are willing work hard and put a few extra hours in, it can be a very rewarding experience. Naturally, my goal was to be able to fly the A36TC with an IR, so it was much faster, if not easier, to do my training in the Bonanza. Nonetheless, John was very helpful in providing both transition training in the Bonanza at the same time as starting from the beginning for the IR. After successfully getting my IR, the insurance company offered me PIC insurance based on the 56 hours of dual with John.

John has lots of experience in turbo operations as well as high altitude flying. He was excellent in teaching both how to fly the airplane as well as the instrument procedures. I was very pleased with the experience and fully intend to use AFIT and John again in the near future to expand my piloting skills for both the commercial rating and multi-engine. It is a lot of work to do an accelerated IR, but I would trust AFIT for this task!! Thanks