John is an incredibly capable, patient, and insightful instrument instructor. He picked up on my strengths and weaknesses almost immediately, and tailored my course to ensure I was up to speed in every area. The training was intense, but it never felt overwhelming. After a week of training, though, I still had doubts in my ability to ever fly IFR because I kept making mistakes on our practice approaches. “When the pressure is on”, he explained, “the only option is to execute an approach perfectly” and that it will all come together for me. He was right. I’ve never flown as precisely or been so ahead of the airplane as I was on my checkride. I now feel more confident than ever in my abilities as a pilot, whether IFR or VFR, and appreciate the flexibility an instrument rating affords. I’m looking forward to staying IFR current, but if I don’t, I’ll be looking to John for recurrent training or an IPC. Thanks John!