I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to A.F.I.T. and my instructor John. I successfully passed my instrument rating without a single problem. My entire experience was fantastic. If there is anything that could have been done better I do not know what it would be. John was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of aviation, including weather, maintenance, regulations, systems, etc… John was extremely easy to work with and as I move forward with training he (AFIT) will be the first person I call.

The course was very intensive and after I received my rating all I wanted to do was take a nap. However, I would not do the training in any other way. By the end I was extremely comfortable with all aspects of the rating as well as all aspects of my airplane. In fact, after my check-ride my examiner commented on how comfortable I was throughout the flight. This can only be attributed to the course design and the incredible quality of instruction I received from John. I will not hesitate to recommend A.F.I.T. and John in the future.