When I signed up to go St George and fly with Eric my goal was to attempt to obtain my private certificate, however because of my limited time, 9 days, I thought there was a good chance that I might have to return at another time to complete it. I’m pleased to say however that in 10 days (9 flying) that I went home having passed my check ride. While some credit goes to me (I did the flying), most goes to Eric. On arrival in St George, the plane he normally uses for training was down with a prop issue, he quickly hustled up a replacement, arranged insurance coverage so I could solo in it quickly, organized a prop swap after a gyro failure, all of which kept me on schedule. He also kept in close touch with the local examiner to make sure he was available as needed and some of the hours I had in helicopters would count. In fact, I ended up flying over 40 hrs by the end of everything.

Eric was fully committed to seeing me succeed and went the extra mile. Most importantly, in spite of a packed schedule I had a lot of fun. Your prompt replies to email, phone calls, faxes and questions was also appreciated. Thanks..