Thank you for the great training  14-Day Private Pilot Course


Thank you for the opportunity to Train with AFIT. I found AFIT online and was impressed by the Testimonials. After filling out the online form I was immediately contacted by Tony and he assigned me to train with CFI Ruben at KLHM and my journey begins. Ruben and I spent the first half of day one going over all my records and by that afternoon we were flying going over the basic flight maneuvers required for the check ride and back to the airport for pattern work. After going over flight maneuvers, Pattern work and the Private Pilots knowledge (Ground School), I was given a Pre-solo test and by day three I did my Solo. Day four was a blast Ruben and I worked on my Cross-Country requirement, and Day Five I completed my solo cross country and take off and landings (To a full stop) at a towered airport. Once all the flight requirements were done, next I had to prepare for the oral exam which I thought was an impossible task with so little time left. This is when Ruben was at his best consistently challenging me on the Private Pilot ACS questions and talking me thru the flight maneuvers in preparation for the day of the check ride.

At the end of it all, I got my Private Pilot’s License as advertised and overall my training and personal experience was outstanding, I met some great people at Lincoln skyways Inc., which by the way have the best fleet of training aircraft I have encountered so far, and I look forward to training with AFIT in the future for my IFR Certification.

I would like to Thank Ruben for the great time and effort spent to get my PPL and look forward to working with him in the future.

Thank you

Karlton Tucker

Washington, DC