AFIT 14-Day PPL Training Experience

Mike did an excellent job of getting me through this course. He is wildly patient and skilled at approaching your shortfalls from multiple sides to help get you past them. If you have any life experiences whatsoever that he can help translate into aviation he will do so in order to make it easier for you. There are multiple ways and approaches one can take to earn a pilot’s license but my personal recommendation is to knock it out. In an accelerated course like this, the days feel like weeks but the weeks fly by in what feels like minutes. That is a good thing. You will be shocked what you can accomplish in a day. Mike WILL get you through this. The worst part (in my opinion) of training like this is all of the general knowledge that feels like pure memorization. Mike manages to slip everything you need to know into casual, relevant conversation throughout the days and before you know it you’re walking into your check ride thinking, “that sly dog, he tricked me into learning.

A PPL is challenging but perfectly achievable and I can’t recommend AFIT and Mike enough. Thanks guys.

Kelvin Winter

Fort Worth, Texas