10 Day IFR Training – Columbia 400 / Garmin 430


I appreciate the help from Michael and AFIT.  I am proud and relieved to have the process completed and my instrument ticket.

In regards to passing my instrument check ride and becoming comfortable operating in an IFR environment – mission accomplished.  The time that Michael took to make sure that I was prepped and ready for the check ride had me more prepared than it turns out was necessary.  The examiner that you paired me with was an excellent choice and I felt very comfortable on the check ride.  Michael pushed me every day and to say that the training was intense would be a bit of an understatement.  I think that the intensive nature of getting it done in 10 days is challenging, but also helpful in maintaining consistency in training.  The level of preparation and training prior to the check ride made the check ride a non-event.   Overall I am happy and pleased with my decision and the training.

I am grateful to Michael for his knowledge and commitment to me during my training

Thank you.

Kevin Kendall
Blacksburg, Virginia