14-Day Private Pilot Course

I wanted to follow up and thank you for delivering on the promise AFIT gives it customers to get up in the air and get flying! I owe every bit of this new passion of flying to AFIT and your incredible flight instructors. Both were just great to work with and each certainly pushed me as I worked my way up from knowing very little about flying and/or about aircrafts, to earning my private pilot license. AFIT, and accelerated flight instruction, was perfect for someone like myself with a busy work and travel schedule to earn a license in the most efficient way possible. I knew that if I held to the conventional method of weekly instruction at my nearest flight school, an hour from home, I may not have had the time over the course of the program to stick to the schedule. I most certainly would have regressed over weekly and monthly classes. With AFIT and the one-on-one daily instruction, learning to fly was engrained in my mind in a routine and daily basis.

I want to sincerely thank you Tony for opening the wonderful world of flight! Looking up when I hear a plane in the sky doesn’t make me jealous anymore! Now it’s time to go shopping for one of my own.. 1,000 Thanks,