I finally made it back to Denmark after a very eventful and successful stay in the US. It was quite a task, but I enjoyed every minute of it under the great and enthusiastic instruction of Ron my instructor.

My flight training with AFIT has now been completed with a successful check ride yesterday at Galveston. Ron did a marvelous job as my instructor. His services are highly recommended. He is a very dedicated and patient instructor, and his positive enthusiasm and energy kept the moral up, during, at times, an intensive program, passing TSA approval and Medical at Dallas, Written in SAT, and Oral as well as Flight test in Galveston. He organized everything in a very forward looking way. An instructor who can keep the optimism up at all times, he is highly recommended. I was very satisfied with Ron’s energy and dedication 24 hours a day. Getting up very early in the morning checking weather, filing flight plans and printing out approach plates off the internet on the hotel computer.

It was a real pleasure to meet and work with Ron. He is very thorough and a likeable person, a passionate pilot, with a great sense of humor. And he had perfect control of the process and the administrative procedures, obtaining the necessary approvals, and cutting through the red tape as necessary. I did not feel we lost one single minute.

Again, thanks for your excellent AFIT program, and the excellent instructor you made available for my training.